Passion for Speed 2019 by G-Energy at Killarney Raceway

What an action packed programme that consisted of the G&H Extreme supercars, an exotic national racing series open to supercars and high performance sedans, led by a mix of GT3 sports racing cars and locally built GT racers.

The biggest entry of the day, however, was for the Mikes Place Clubman Saloons races, with 46 cars on the grid. The V8 Masters don’t just look the same; they’re all mechanically identical, each with a 300kW, 5.7-litre Ford Racing V8, so winning is all down to driver skill and nerve.

The South African Tourist Trophy race is the second and final leg of this endurance series for classic sports and GT cars in the Pre 66 and Pre 68 classes.

G-Energy and OILY SA are the proud sponsors of the G-energy corner, situated at the second turn on the main circuit track.

OILY SA is an official importer of G-Energy, and Gazpromneft lubricants. Our 100% imported, high performance products are formulated according to the latest technologies and have proven excellent real-life properties.

For driving enthusiasts and industrial clients alike, we provide exceptional lubricants that keep you in motion.

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