Customer Testimonial – Gazpromneft Lubricants for the Mining Industry.

"OILY saved us R2.4 million" - Customer Testimonial Video

Opsicol Mining Services is a mining company active in five different mines in the Gauteng and Mpumalanga provinces. Their current fleet consists of 300 machines with various brands, such as Volvo, Bell, LiuGong, Dressta, and Komatsu. The more diverse is the fleet, the more challenging it is to optimize the fleet’s running costs, including oils and lubricants.

In 2018 Opsicol, experienced massive growth, and cost savings became a major concern. Among the biggest maintenance costs for any mining company is expenditure on oils and lubricants.

A year later they were only using our products - G-Energy and Gazpromneft.

Within the first 12 months of working with Opsicol, we were able to save them R2.4 million!

OILY SA has been able to give Opsicol’s employees full confidence in our service and products.

Hendrik Trytsman, who has been an Engineering Foreman for over 12 years, has full confidence in Gazpromneft oils, especially because among its more than 300 OEM approvals there are approvals by Cummins, Mercedes-Benz and ZF. Equipment that is widely used by Opsicol.

Services offered to the mining industry

We have installed oil dispensing systems on-site. This helps the mechanics improve their oil management.

Thapelo Mashile, a Mechanic at Opsicol, gives us a quick demonstration of how oil dispensing works. He particularly appreciates that he’s able to track the number of liters of oil that is needed to take to a break-down in the field or to top up the tanks, engines or differentials with high efficiency.

Reasons why Gazpromneft Lubricants is the best oil for the mining industry

According to Francois Marais, who has been a Diesel Mechanic for 18 years, he does not notice any metal wear or worn parts on the machines.

Louise Scheppel in her capacity as an Engineering Planner offers a maintenance perspective. She mentions that their biggest maintenance expense is oil.

Before they started using our products, they tested the oil and as a result, can say with confidence that the oil meets the specification prescribed.

At the moment we are working together and moving some machines over to synthetic products. This will extend service intervals and the life of components – an additional contribution to saving costs for Opsicol Mining Services.

We also conduct regular site audits to make sure that the engineers and mechanics onsite are well versed in applications and proper storage of our products.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and sharing our expertise with you to improve your company’s efficiencies in the highly competitive business environment of Southern Africa!


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