Oettinger Polo Cup: Round 1 Results

After a really strong Friday practice being fastest on the 2nd and 3rd sessions, Saturday came with high expectations, however, the day did not turn out as perfectly as planned.

Jurie qualified 2nd and 4th in the super pole. During race 1 there was an issue with the push to pass and gear mechanisms and he fell back to 12th. Jurie fought his way back to 7th. It was a tough, highly competitive race!

Race 2 he moved up from the 6th on the grid to the 4th.

It was a character building weekend for Jurie and a mobilising one for his team.

He is ready for the second round happening at Killarney International Raceway on the 18th April 2020!

Oettinger Polo Cup: Round 1 Results

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