OILY team performing Mining site audits

As part of our integrated offering to large final consumers of our oils and lubricants, we are conducting regular site audits to make sure that the engineers and mechanics onsite are well versed in applications and proper storage of our products.

Site audit done by the OILY Team.

We are solutions orientated company, and should the client procure a new type of dump truck or excavator, we are able to advise on selection of the appropriate product from our wide range of engine, gear and industrial oils as well as coolants and greases.

During our site audits last week, it was revealed that from a range of nearly 300 units of equipment, there are more than 30 different models, which of course may lead to a wide range of different oils required to run the equipment reliably. Here, the value that we are able to bring is by looking at ways of how to harmonise the product range required, and where indeed a very specific product is required for a certain truck. We ensure that this is well documented to limit any possible errors in the future.

We work with the engineers and mechanics on site, to discuss any of their questions that they come across during their day-to-day work.

Presently, the main engine oil that we are supplying to most sites is G-Profi MSI Plus 15W-40 – one of the leading CI-4 engine oils in the market today. We however don’t stop there, in the nearest weeks we will begin tests of our synthetic oil G-Profi GT 10W-40, which is expected to extend equipment life and increase overall productivity (longer drain intervals). Investing more in the product today, will allow business owners enjoy fruits of this in the longer term!

We invest into professional lubrication equipment installed at the major mining sites and are able to provide a similar tailor-made dispensing system product at your workshop. This further limits any error, but more importantly allows for a more convenient method of dispensing the lubricants efficiently and safely.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and being received with a smile and positive feedback on how we do business, and really pushes us to excel further!

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