Killarney Motor Show 2019

The festival for petrolheads!

Killarney International Raceway opened the circuit to the public to admire all the cars on show.

The display consisted of new cars, motorcycles, classics, customs, and modified cars, street and ‘stance’ cars with their suspension lowered to within centimeters of the tar.

The entertainment was none stop!

"Cape Helldrivers racing round the Tar Oval, the E36 Cup drivers screeching sideways around the Extreme Arena with show visitors in their passengers seats, brand new vehicles navigating the test circuit with show visitors at the wheel, trials riders doing the impossible as a matter of course over man-made obstacles on the back straight, and live music, fine food and (very welcome) ice-cold drinks around every corner."

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Tractor races at Killarney Motor Show

Drift and stunt vehicle at Killarney Motorshow

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