Hemel op die Platteland - Nampo 2019

What an amazing honor it was to exhibit at NAMPO Oesdag – Harvest day 2019!

Nampo 2019 had 81 345 visitors.

OILY Stand at NAMPO 2019

The OILY team had the opportunity to meet very interesting farmers from all over the country. Allowing the team to gain insight and understanding of the needs in the agriculture industry, with regards to lubrication.

We are a solution orientated company and therefore it is a priority for us to understand our clients. Should our client procure a new type of tractor or harvester, we are able to advise on selection of the appropriate product from our wide range of engine, gear and industrial oils as well as coolants and greases.

The oils of the G-Special series are designed for use in modern models of agricultural machinery and are approved by leading world manufacturers. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the oil has high performance properties and ensures reliable operation of hydraulic and brake systems and transmissions of agricultural equipment operating in harsh conditions.

The G-Special range of lubricants are designed for the use in modern models of agricultural machinery and are approved by leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMS). By using modern technologies, our oils boast high performance properties, ensuring that your agricultural equipment operates optimally in even the harshest conditions

Products we recommend:

G- Special UTTO Premium 10W-30

Semi-Synthetic universal tractor oil for hydraulic systems and transmissions with improved properties

G-Special UTTO 10W-30

Universal tractor oil for hydraulic systems and transmissions

G-Special STOU 10W-40

All-season universal tractor oil for the engine, transmissions and hydraulic systems.

G-Profi MSI Plus 15W-40

Universal motor oils class SHPD (Super High-Performance Diesel).

View our product range here

Sunrise at the OILY stand

NAMPO is a trade show worth visiting if you are serious about South African agriculture. One of the best features of NAMPO are definitely the people. NAMPO gives individuals the chance to meet like minded people, and strengthen relationships, partnerships and friendships.

For your personal capacity, our products are also on Takealot.

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can be of help to your business and optimize the required lubrication needs. We are here to provide our expert advice, so that you can focus on what you do best - your business!


+27(21) 410 8720

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