Gazpromneft-Lubricants Presents New Hydraulic Oil Line Forumulated with DYNAVIS® Unique Technology

Gazpromneft-Lubricants in cooperation with Evonik, a German specialty chemical company, has developed a new line of synthetic hydraulic oils, G-SPECIAL POWER HVLP, intended for use in mining, construction, forestry, agricultural machinery and industrial equipment.

G-Special Power HVLP hydraulic oils are developed with use of DYNAVIS® unique technology of Evonik. The oils ensure a wider temperature operating range for the equipment, give better protection for the hydraulic system and increase drain intervals due to the high shear stability of the DYNAVIS® formulated new fluids from Gazpromneft-Lubricants. Furthermore, higher productivity and improved fuel efficiency increase the overall efficiency and the service life of the hydraulic equipment.

During long-term bench and field tests, G-SPECIAL Power HVLP hydraulic oils showed better results compared to the reference oil: increase in the number of loading cycles per shift by 12%, increase in equipment performance by 15-25%, fuel economy up to 6%, reduction in the risk of failure of the hydraulic system.

The official presentation of the new product line was held within the framework of “The Russia’s Coal and Mining-2018” exhibition at the special stand of Gazpromneft-Lubricants. The exhibition guests, the representatives of 626 industrial companies from 27 countries of The CIS, Europe, Asia and Northern America, had a chance to know more details about the new high-tech product and ask Russian developers and their German colleagues the questions on the application of G-POWER SPECIAL HVLP in various equipment.

Roman Zimovets, Deputy General Manager for Marketing and Strategic Development, Gazpromneft-Lubricants:

“Efficiency is one of the main priorities for our company’s operation and the key benefit of G-Special Power HVLP. The new product market launch is the result of a long partnership in creating oils that meet the highest requirements of world’s OEMs. We used advanced technologies and unique market expertise to offer our customers the modern product that can increase the productivity of the equipment”.

Rolf Fianke, Global Marketing Manager DYNAVIS®, Evonik:

We, as Evonik, are proud to have one of the regional market leaders as our business partner to introduce high shear stable hydraulic fluids with a high viscosity index formulated with DYNAVIS® technology. The benefits for fleet owners in Russia will be significant, because they will experience better cold start behavior, better equipment availability, longer drain intervals and on top they can work more but will spend less energy for the achieved work. We are looking forward to many satisfied users of G-Special Power HVLP formulated with Evonik’s DYNAVIS® technology.

G-SPECIAL POWER HVLP is specially developed for use in mining, construction, forestry, agricultural machinery and industrial equipment.

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