Dakar Rally 2020

G-Energy is a proud sponsor of 2 teams in Dakar 2020!

G-Energy mobile laboratory also takes off in the MAZ-SPORTauto technical support vehicle. The mobile laboratory complex will help teams to diagnose the engine without disassembling it in the field and to assess the margins of lubricant operational properties.

The first stage of the Dakar 2020 showed why it is considered the most difficult competition on the planet.

Rough ground and stones resulted in the G-Energy Team crew getting three flat tires and another one just before the finish line. Despite the damages, they continued with the race at the same pace.

Nevertheless, Vladimir Vasiliev finished ninth in the top ten becoming the best Russian pilot in SUVs classification in the first stage!

The crew of МАЗ-СПОРТавто MAZ-SPORTauto Sergei Vyazovich also had to tackle some challenges. Throughout the race, the crew was sixth in rankings due to navigation issues, but a rocky start did not stop the team from turning on the jets and taking second place in the truck classification!

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