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Formulated with modern foreign additives this range of all-season, multi-purpose mineral motor oils is designed for all types of carburetted gasoline and naturally aspirated diesel engines of cars, vans and light trucks.

- Good thermal stability and oxidation resistance retains the oil's superior performance throughout its service life.
- Ability to hold in suspension wear debris and contaminants prevents the formation of deposits.
- 20W-50 viscosity oil increases compression in cylinder piston engines and ensures required pressure in lubrication system of high mileage engines.

- Carburetted gasoline and naturally aspirated diesel engines of foreign and domestic cars, light trucks and vans, where API SF/CC (or earlier specifications) lubricants of SAE 10W-40, 15W-40 and 20W-50 viscosity grades respectively are needed.

- Certified by AAI (Russian Association of Automotive Engineers)

Gazpromneft Standard 20W-50 Engine Oil - 5L


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