Gazpromneft Diesel Prioritet – multigrade oils engineered for heavy-duty diesel engines, non-turbocharged and turbocharged alike, in on-highway and off-highway application. Gazpromneft Diesel Prioritet is formulated with high quality base stocks and selective additives which provide excellent wear and deposits formation control. Gazpromneft Diesel Prioritet protects under the full range of pressures and temperatures found in modern engines. They suitable for engines requiring API CH-4, CG-4, CF-4 performance requirements. Gazpromneft Diesel Prioritet – excellent choice for fleets with multiple engine makers.



  • Heavy duty diesel engines made by European, US and Japanese manufacturers in both on-highway and offhighway applications. Wide range of turbocharged and non-turbocharged diesel engines requiring API CH-4 performances and meeting Euro 3 emission standard
  • Mixed fleets with gasoline engines and cars (meet API SJ)



  • High detergent properties - Control of high temperature deposits formation to reduce maintenance costs
  • High wear control -  Effective protection under all operating conditions. Extremely effective at minimizing bore polish, thus maximizing engine life and minimizing costly downtime and maintenance.
  • Soot control - Protection against oil thickening to control filter pressure for long engine life 
  • Shear stable - Stable viscosity index improver controls the viscosity of the oil throughout its service life minimizing wear
  • Resistance to high temperature oxidation and degradation - Performance stability during whole drain interval to extend engine life



  • API CH-4/SJ
  • MAN M 3275-1
  • MTU Сat.2
  • Cummins CES 20076/77

Gazpromneft Diesel Prioritet 15W-40