Gazpromneft Diesel Extra – oils designed for use in wide range of turbocharged and non-turbocharged diesel engines under normal operation. High purity base oils and selected combination of additives provide protection against deposits and wear and resist thickening by heat. Suitable for engines meeting Euro 2 emission standard.



  • Wide range of turbocharged and non-turbocharged diesel engines requiring API CF-4 performances and meeting Euro 2 emission standard
  • On-highway heavy-duty trucks, buses including mixed fleets with gasoline engines
  • Off-highway applications including agriculture, mining, construction, quarrying vehicles



  • TBN reserve and retention - High acid neutralizing properties provide superior corrosion protection to extend overhaul intervals
  • High detergent properties - Control of high temperature deposits formation to reduce maintenance costs
  • Sooth control - Protection against oil thickening to control filter pressure for long engine life
  • Highly stable viscosity modifiers - Resistance to breakdown under different operation conditions to extend engine life  Improved oxidation resistance Performance stability during whole drain interval



  • API CF-4/SG

Gazpromneft Diesel Extra 15W-40