Transmission fluid for the automatic transmissions with torque converter and steering boosters of cars and trucks, buses and off-road vehicles in which DEXRON II D fluid type is recommended.



  • Gazpromneft ATF DX II is recommended for use in automatic transmissions with torque converter, where DEXRON IID type of fluid is specified
  • At power steering units where ATF DEXRON IID type of fluid is specified



  • Optimum frictional properties ensure smooth gear shift and work without vibration in the harsh conditions
  • High anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties significantly prolong the transmission service life
  • Compatible with the gasket and seal materials used in modern equipment
  • Due to the excellent viscosity-temperature properties the oil provides good pumping ability at the low temperatures
  • Thanks to the high temperature oxidation stability the oil minimizes the lacquer deposits at the transmission surfaces
  • Efficiently prevents foam formation




Gazpromneft ATF DX II