G-Profi MSF are high performance engine oils engineered to offer the ultimate protection of diesel engines by offering improved and stronger wear and deposits control. Formulated from high quality base stocks and balanced additives they provide effective protection under various operation conditions. Enchased acid-control system helps to control engine cleanliness to prolong engine life. G-Profi MSF suitable for use in wide range of on and off-highway applications where API CF-4 performance is required.



  • Wide range of turbocharged and non-turbocharged heavy duty diesel engines requiring API CF-4 performances and meeting Euro 2 emission standard
  • Commercial vehicles, buses, trucks and off-road agricultural, construction equipment from European and US manufacturers
  • Gasoline engines where API SG (or lower) performance is required



  • Increased thermal and oxidation stability - Extended drain intervals and engine life
  • High detergent properties - Lower high temperature deposits formation to reduce maintenance costs
  • Excellent TBN retention - Higher corrosion protection to extend overhaul intervals
  • Protection against wear - Excellent performance in both low and high temperature service for long engine life
  • Wide specification profile - Provide inventory rationalization options for the mixed fleet operator, where any of the performance levels shown below are stated



  • Volvo VDS
  • MAN 271
  • MB 228.1
  • MTU 

G-Profi MSF 15W-40