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G-Energy F Synth 5W-30 is fully synthetic engine oil formulated for the highest level of protection demanded by high performance engines. It protects better than conventional engine oils in hot or cold operating temperatures helping to prevent dirt and build-up, for better response and improved performance, thus helping your engine to operate at its full potential. It provides reliable operation and engine protection at various operating conditions, including in urban cycle (Stop-Start). It works in extreme conditions, both at low and high temperatures.

- For gasoline and diesel engines (including turbocharged ones) of last-generation passenger cars, vans and light trucks
- Officially approved by MB, VW, and BMW for use in vehicles equipped with engines of these manufacturers.
- In the BMW cars with extended oil change intervals (Long life)


- Provides effective lubrication of friction pairs even after prolonged use at maximum speeds and loads
- Superior cleaning and anti-wear properties increase engine service life
- High thermal stability ensures reliable performance of the engine and extends oil change
- Low oil consumption through burning thanks to specially selected base components
- Fully compatible with systems of neutralization of exhaust gases, which contributes to a long and effective operation of the catalyst


- ACEA A3/B4
- Renault RN0700
- GM LL-A/B-025



- MB-Approval 229.5
- BMW LL-01
- VW 502 00/ 505 00

G-Energy F Synth 5W-30 Engine Oil - 1L