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G-Energy Expert G series motor oils are designed for maximum protection of gasoline and diesel engines of cars with very high mileage, operating under different operating conditions.
The oil provides pressure in the lubrication system and ensures reliable operation of the engine with a high mileage.

- For cars, light SUVs, minibuses and light trucks of European, Russian and other manufacturers.
- Designed for gasoline and diesel engines (with/without turbochargers), where the level of API SG / CD performance is required.

- Adaptive oil technology G-Energy Expert G ensures efficient operation of the engine in all operating modes: during cold start, in urban mode, in route mode, as well as under increased load.
- Maintaining the engine performance with a very high mileage thanks to a specially developed additive package.
- Provision of oil pressure in the lubrication system of engines with a significant mileage.
- Reducing the likelihood of leakage due to compatibility with seal materials.
- Protection against engine wear due to the high strength of the oil film.




G-Energy Expert G 20W-50 Engine Oil - 5L