Oily SA lubricants

ECOSYN produces a wide selection of special synthetic lubricating oils for:

  • compressors

  • vacuum pumps

  • refrigeration systems

  • diesel/gasoline engines

  • industrial gears

  • stationery gas engine

  • heat transfer systems

  • bearings

  • turbines

  • spindles for textile industry

  • high-temperature chain applications

  • pneumatic systems

ECOSYN LUBRICANTS are designed for severe operating conditions. Our products are clearly superior in extreme applications where high temperatures, high load, flammability and long oil change intervals are overriding factors. Many of the products are biodegradable or considered food-grade for incidental contact with food (NSF H1).

WCI (Wipa Chemicals International) was founded in 1993 on the desire for technical innovation of superior lubricant products and the commitment to high quality. The company has remained true to these ideals.

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